Friday, April 2, 2010

Week in Review

It's been a busy few days. The 4 grandparents were all here on Tuesday to go to Kindergarten for Grandparent's Day. Nicholas loved it!
Tuesday night I met my dear friend Julie for dinner and a much needed girls night. The boys had their final swimming lesson on Wednesday. Nicholas was excited to be moved up to group 3 (Blake was already there) and they both finished the lesson with 3 jumps off the diving board. I was much more panicked than they were. They didn't even hesitate. They're getting so much older and braver and independent. I'm not ready for this!
Thursday morning I went to the salon. I haven't been for 11 months. (I remember, because Alexis was in the hospital at the time.) I have easy, boring, ponytail hair because as much as I love getting my hair done, I'm cheap and lazy. But it's time to grow up and put forth a little effort. Plus, I'm tired of Alexis yanking on my hair and I'm tired of my carpets looking like a giant hairball. So I chopped it all off. Okay, maybe not all off. I didn't go all Britney Spears on you or anything. But I lopped off a good 8 inches. I mailed off my 8 inch ponytail to an organization called Children with Hairloss which helps kids in all kinds of situations, everything from burns to cancer (plus, they only required an 8-inch ponytail, not 10 inches like Locks of Love). I'm still adjusting to the new do, but it sure is lighter.

Nicholas started the baseball season with his first practice on Thursday night. He didn't play last summer since Alexis was in the hospital. 2 summers ago, Nick played t-ball and what a difference 2 years make. 2 years ago, he wouldn't walk out onto the field without me, we had to beg him to go up to bat, and there were a lot of tears and apprehension. There was none of that this time. It helps that his friend Max is on the team as well. I love that he still has the need to look over at me about every 3 minutes and wave, but I was able to sit on the sidelines with Blake and Alexis (Blake didn't want to play baseball, only pirates) and watch my favorite 6 year old be a part of a team. *sigh*

This afternoon we went out for the first family boat ride of the season. Alexis enjoyed it, Blake slept through most of it, Nicholas and I huddled under a blanket together (it was cool in the shade and in the wind) and had a nice time...until we were walking back to the house. At our house, we don't have much of a backyard. It's more like a bunch of trees, a ravine, and a muddy path leading to some stairs that take you down to the boat. Blake started running on the path back to the house, ignoring my shouts of, "don't run!" and face-planted. In the mud. He wasn't hurt, just scared. And filthy. Luckily, he had on his pirate patch which may have prevented him from an eye full of mud.

And finally, tonight, we went down the street to Aunt Paula and Uncle Ron's house for a cookout birthday celebration for Alexis. Cousin Heather was there as well and they surprised Alexis with a cake, balloons, and gifts. The boys were happy to help Alexis by opening her gifts for her (they were hoping she'd be getting Transformers and Pirates, but I was thrilled with all the cute clothes! Alexis was more impressed by the tissue paper.)

Tomorrow I'll be cleaning mud off shoes, off carpet, off clothes, off sinks and showers.

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