Sunday, February 26, 2012

Looking to get back to "normal"

While I hate having sick kids, I'll admit to kind of enjoying having a weekend at home, even though we missed a basketball game and scouting banquet. We're still recovering from an eventful week.
It started last weekend when Alexis had a major choking episode. We are hear by banning Lexi from all circular foods. She was taken to the hospital where they got the grape out, but she vomited and then aspirated. She had to be taken by ambulance to St. Vincent hospital in Indy to monitor her overnight for aspiration pneumonia. It was terrifying. She stayed one night and came home on Monday with no restrictions.
She returned home and even spent 2 minutes on the naughty bench later that day. She was back in full force. (Her cheeks were still pink from the tape that held the oxygen tubing on.) You'd never know by looking at her, all that she'd been through, but it's been next to impossible to get her to put herself to sleep since then.

Alexis still had a full week despite a hospitalization. On Wednesday and Thursday she had her evaluations to start developmental preschool in April. I didn't get any feedback yet on how it went but she loved going into that room full of toys and adults to pay attention to her, and she was just as happy when I arrived to pick her up. We'll get the results of the testing in the next few weeks and have her case conference on March 16.

Alexis got new glasses. The others have been held together with superglue for several weeks now. The new ones aren't as cute, are thicker, and don't fit as well, but were covered by insurance. Hopefully they'll last more than a week, but as often as Lexi pulls them off, I'm not taking bets.
As for me, I'm running my first 10K next weekend as part of my preparation for running the Mini marathon. That's right, me, Queen of the Couch, Master Napper, has taken up running. I knew that signing up for the mini would force me to stick with it, that and my girlfriend, brother, and uncle are also running it. My knees and shins are no longer speaking to me, but I was very excited to complete a full 8 miles today. Yeah me! Iced knees and ibuprofen cocktails are becoming a norm now.

We're approaching Pinewood Derby time. My boys didn't get anything done over the weekend as J had hoped, but they started cutting and sanding a few days back. Jason is incredible with his patience and teaching (with them, not so much with me :)
Here's hoping for a calm and normal new week!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The halo is a bit tarnished these days...

She has a new name now. Alexis, M.D. It stands for Maximum Destruction. The girl is a little terror, pulling everything and anything out of drawers, cabinets, off tables. She knows what she wants, when she wants it. And she will let you know if she isn't happy. Both her therapists and her teachers have commented on her new love of the word "no", and her disgust for being made to do something she doesn't want to do.

Take for example, this afternoon's tantrum. She decided she wanted something out of the fridge. And she decided she'd just get it herself after her mom told her no.

I've mastered the "teacher voice". I am not a teacher, nor do I ever plan to be, but being raised by 2 of them, I done did learn that voice. I broke it out today with a very stern "no". Sister did not like it.

Oh, don't feel sorry for her. It's all part of the game. "I cry to show you I'm mad. Maybe even scream. How does big bad mean mommy say "no" to a sweet little angel like me?"

It was ugly, for all of about 30 seconds of a lovely little "scream/cry" she's developed. And as soon as she noticed I'd grabbed my camera, the faucet turned off, she turned down her volume, and put on an instant smile...

...and I swear to God, she even said "cheese".