Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apparently, polish is therapeutic!

For 5 years I had played with, stepped on, and tripped over monster trucks, trains, and Transformers.

And finding out during my third pregnancy that I was in fact having a girl, made me very happy.

VERY happy.

In preparation for my daughter's arrival, my mom and aunt painted the nursery pink. I registered for all things frilly and girly. The boys even got into it--they picked out a pink and purple monster truck to give to Alexis when she was born.

And I love it. Now, every day Alexis wears a dress or shirt with little ruffles or lace or bows. Her hair is finally getting long enough that it needs glittery barrettes (non-glittery just won't do). She has flowery hats, sparkly sunglasses, a baby bikini...but I've held off on the nail polish.

It's not that I didn't want to paint her fingers or toes. Believe me I did. But I decided that if I were to paint her nails, it would only be for my own benefit and entertainment, not Lexi's. Lexi wasn't going to care one way or another how her nails looked. (This is not true for everyone. I think my niece Layla was debating between "knockout pink pout" and "tutti fruity tonga frost" polish colors before she was out of the womb.)

But then Alexis had physical therapy on Monday. Alexis has a habit of pointing and curling up her toes. It makes getting shoes on her just about impossible. She also has a hard time putting weight on her heels. We have an appointment next week to get fit for braces for her little feet which will keep her from curling her toes and help her bear weight.

And then the P.T. said, "you should paint her toe nails."


"You should paint her toe nails." Anything that will draw her attention to her toes and feet might help her notice her feet, pull them up, and keep her from pointing them. Put things between her toes, stamp her skin, toenail polish...

Whoot! Whoot! I called Layla and asked her to start looking for a bright color of nail polish that she can help me put on Lexi when we see her this weekend. Apparently, Layla was up for the task and immediately went to work looking for an appropriate color choice for her cousin. I then went rummaging through my nail polish, looking for whatever I had that was fast drying. I found a hot pink shade (I'm sure Layla will come up with something much better) and made Pop Pop hold her on his lap while I got to work.

I think it tickled a bit.

She's squirmy. I colored outside the lines.

But I think Alexis liked it.

And already, she was grabbing at her feet. (But notice how her left foot is pointed down? Even her right foot has her toes really curled.)

But I think Lexi was pleased.

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  1. Beautiful Piggies! She's beautiful from head to toe! :) Your sense of humor and love for your little girl is so inspiring! I work with kiddos who have special needs and wish all parents showed the same optimism that you do. She is so blessed to have you guys for parents - and you are blessed to have such an extraordinary little princess! Happy nail painting!