Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cute. With a capital Q.

I found some shoes that will fit over Lexi's orthotics. I'm glad I started at Shoe Carnival. I probably saved a good $20 by not ending up at StrideRite. Size 4.5W. They look huge.

Cute, but huge.

Without the braces, she fits in a 2. I hope she doesn't trip over her own feet with kicks this big.

She hasn't been wearing the AFOs much yet (the bigger braces that run up the leg) because we're kinda waiting for the therapists for those. But we wear the smaller ones (SMOs) pretty regularly and they don't seem to faze her a bit.

I'm excited to start working with our new PT in October and see what the little chickie can do!

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  1. I just found your blog and can so recall that first icky day of orthotics. Heck, I still don't like orthotics but there is no doubt about it, those things work. Praying that Lexi will not be wearing them 9 years from now as we are. I saved that first set of orthotics and oh how sweet and tiny they are. All of that just to say that you don't need to go the really expensive shoe route........ever. Nike's are the by far the best shoe for fitting over othotics, but you are right they make the feet look huge.
    And by the way, Lexi is gorgeous, I too had a little something extra, but she's now in heaven. Cherish that sweet, precious baby.