Thursday, September 15, 2011

School starts!

Guess who started school today?
Okay, so it's not really school, but more of a Parent's Day Out program. It's hard to believe that Alexis is almost 2 and a half. Before we know it, First Steps interventions will be over and the IEP's will begin. And as social and happy as Alexis is, we thought that she might enjoy being around other kids her age just once a week as a sort of transition into a classroom setting.
Alexis is doing better with walking and holding onto only one hand, but the weight of that backpack about pulled her right over. It only had a few things in it: diaper, wipes, and some clean clothes, but when you don't weigh even 25 lbs, it doesn't take much more than a light breeze to make you topple over.
And by the way, Little Miss Progress took 3 steps in P.T. this week. All. By. Herself. Hands free.
She gets tired walking after a while and tries to sit down pretty quickly. I swear in the above picture, she's only trying to sit. Not pulling me away from entering the class like it appears. I think.
We'd been in the classroom a week ago for an open house. I think she recognized it again. Or maybe she recognized all the colorful plastic toys around the perimeter of the room.
She stopped, dropped, and made a beeline for those toys before you could sign "play".
Primary colored, plastic bliss.

A 2 year old's dream land. Like Candy Land, but with no cavities.

There are only 6 kids in the room with 2 teachers. 2 attentive, kind, capable teachers. Alexis didn't even notice when I left. She was too busy playing with her two new best friends.
The teachers' assured me that it takes some time for some of the kids to adjust. (Nicholas adjusted to his preschool after about 3 months. Ugh.) For some kids, 4 hours can be a bit much (the class is from 9 to 1) and they wouldn't hesitate to call if Alexis was over it. But there was no need for a phone call. I walked in to pick Lexi up at 1 and was greeted with this face:
She was happy to show me her new favorite toy. And she was in no hurry to leave. So after a happy report from the teachers (she played well, ate well, and cried once briefly when another kid bumped into her but was easily redirected), we left. And she was asleep in the car before you could sing E-I-E-I-O.

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