Saturday, November 5, 2011

An opinionated one, an indecisive one, and an 8 year old.

We had another milestone. I was changing Alexis's diaper and she was not having it. So for the first time, she put two sentences together, clear as day:

"Stop it.
I want all done!"

Girlfriend's got a 'tude.
Halloween was a success. The kids and I spent the long fall break weekend in Elkhart with the fam.
Alexis wore the same Pooh costume that both of her brothers wore when they were that size. If we hadn't already had the costume, I would have invested in some Leah buns for her to keep with our Star Wars theme. Knowing my boys, they'll still be in Star Wars mode when next Halloween comes around.

You think you know that Blake is dressed as Darth Vader. You are wrong.

Blake is dressed at Harry Potter dressed as Darth Vader.

And finally, Nicholas turned 8. Sigh.
And it's hard to tell, but Nicholas kept with the Star Wars theme for his birthday.
I adore this kid. He made me a mamma. Thank you, sweet boy.

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