Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today was the first of several weekly non-stress tests (NST's). They strap a monitor onto your stomach to hear the baby's heartbeat and give you a little clicker (like the Jeopardy contestants use) to click every time you feel movement. Usually they don't do these tests so early in the pregnancy (I'm 32 weeks along today--I think they normally start around 35 weeks) and since the baby's small and there's excess fluid, the baby moves around a lot more making it hard to keep the monitor on the heartbeat. What is usually a 30 minute test took 2 hours. But everything was fine.

Dr. Brazus did start talking about which hospital to go to in different situations. We don't want to take a chance of going to the ER at Riverview for something and ending up delivering there and then the baby having to go to the NICU in Indy where I can't see her. Hearing her talk this way really makes it feel that things could happen soon. She also suggested that next time I see the dr. at Maternal Fetal Medicine (3-17-09), to talk about scheduling an induction. While I don't want to be induced (it hurts a LOT more that way), having to drive all the way to Women's hospital on my 3rd pregnancy does make me nervous, so I guess I probaby will schedule something.

Next appt: NST in on 3-3-09.


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  2. Thanks for the blog. Don't know if it makes you feel any better or not but I LOVED my experience at Women's when I had Brandon. The food was really good and I could order any time I wanted. The staff was great. Was a really positive experience.