Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I had my second non-stress test today with no problems. If may have helped that I ate sugar in excess before going, so there was lots of baby movement to document this time. The test was completed in a half hour, much better than the two-hour test from a week ago. While they typically start checking the cervix at 34 weeks (I’m 33 weeks today) after voicing some concerns to my dr, she checked me today instead of waiting. Luckily, I’m not leaking any amniotic fluid which was great peace of mind. I was surprised to learn that I was dilated 1.5 cm, but Dr. Brazus said that this isn’t terribly surprising or cause for concern on a 3rd pregnancy. I’m also 25% effaced but the baby is still high which is good. Don’t want her escaping just yet.

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  1. All good news. Hope you are sleeping peacefully, don't eat sugar after 7:00 PM. Ha! Saw little Blake's picture hanging on the preschool window today. Turner and I were visiting after hours.
    Love ya.