Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 month check-up

The sleep schedule ain't what it used to be. Last night Lexi woke up at midnight and didn't fall asleep until 3 a.m. One nice thing though, is that when she's fed, dry, and happy, she will lay awake in her crib content until she falls asleep on her own. I laid her down in her crib at 2 and watched her (love the video baby monitor!) lay there content, entertained by her mobile, until she drifted off an hour later. I'm not always this lucky, but it's nice that she can put herself to sleep at times.

I gave Lexi her first taste of baby food on Tuesday. Most of it came right back out. I think the protruding tongue and the enjoyment of blowing raspberries might increase our degree of difficulty where eating is concerned. But she did get a very small amount. Hopefully as her eating skills improve, so will her sleep.

Alexis had her 6 month check-up on Monday. She's doing great! Her weight was up to 13 lbs, 1 oz. Over a pound in 2 weeks! (Keeping in mind, different locations, different scales.) She was on 27 calorie formula (we use regular powder formula but have a different ratio of formula to water than most: more formula, less water.) But we can decrease the calorie count now from 27 cal to 24 cal. She is in the 7th and 10th percentile for height and weight, and that is on the regular growth chart, not the d/s chart.

Dr. Miller thought her heart sounded great. She said that if there wasn't a scar, she would never know Lexi had surgery because there is no trace of a murmur. Her medication was changed from Prilosec to Prevacid. She was given 3 immunizations (there are a few she can't get yet due to having had a blood transfusion for the heart surgery) and she's now old enough for the flu shot (but they didn't have any in stock). Alexis goes back to the pediatrician in 3 months.

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