Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy 6 months Alexis!!

This is a bit overdue, but I'm tired. Little Miss I'm-such-a-perfect-baby-because-I-have-slept-through-the-night-since-coming-home-from-the-NICU-at-2-months-old has been waking up in the night. Yawn. And she no longer wakes up cooing and laughing as if to say, "I'm awake Mom, but take your time and come get me when you're feeling up to it." Now it a screaming, "Come. Here. Now." Once she sees me, she smiles and coos. As long as she feels okay. She was doing great in the pain department, and no longer on the Tylenol 3. But the past few nights (she seems fine during the day) she's been fussier and seems uncomfortable. I do wonder if she's teething. Once she gets Infant Tylenol in her, she seems better.

Alexis had her follow up appointment on Monday but I had actually called the nurse practitioner the previous Thursday with concerns because her incision scar was looking too red and maybe infected. They had me come in for reassurance and they agreed that it looked a bit concerning, but didn't feel they needed to start antibiotics. They took out her one stitch and wrote me a prescription for Bactroban. Everything was fine.

On Monday I took Lexi in for the follow up appointment. They thought the incision looked great (there was still some redness, but they thought it was fine). The EKG was fine, the echo was fine. She weighed in at 11 lbs, 7.5 ounces. They were thrilled to hear that she eats a lot more and weren't too surprised to hear that she is awake more often. There is a small "leak" that they noticed in the echo that will probably heal itself, is common, and not a concern. Alexis was taken off one diuretic and the other is being weaned for 5 days and will then be discontinued. She's still on Prilosec and a vitamin.

It's hard to remember when looking at her that she's had major surgery so recently. We can't pick her up under her arms for 6 weeks following the surgery which is a hard habit to break. No tummy time either. It seems like her face has filled out overnight. Jason thinks her coloring is a lot better. Alexis doesn't have to go back for 6 months. We seem to have gotten back into our routine for the most part. I haven't called Lexi's therapists from First Steps yet to arrange services to start back up.

The boys are doing great. They've been counting down to Halloween since last Halloween--literally. Nicholas wants to be a Transformer (he has a Star Wars costume and I am trying to convince him that the two look almost identical. But apparently a Clone Trooper does not equal a Deceptacon.) and Blake wants to be...wait for it...a pirate. When they aren't discussing Halloween, the talk revolves around their birthdays. Hard to believe Nicholas will be 6 this month. He's excited to have a Transformer birthday party. Again. (It was last year's theme as well.) Blake likes to plan his party which won't be until January, but by talking to him you would think it was this weekend. He'll be having a Pirate themed party. Again.

Off to bed...

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