Thursday, January 7, 2010

9 months old!

Alexis is 9 months old today. She's doing so well and getting so big! On Christmas Eve she finally learned to roll from her back to her front. She is over 14 lbs (she will get weighed again Monday at the doctor) and eating 2 meals of baby food a day (plus multiple bottles of course). She has to be the happiest baby on the planet! She will fuss at times and holler out when she wants our attention, but hardly ever cries. Really. She cries when she's tired of doing therapy and other than that, maybe every couple of days. I took her for her second flu shot the other day. Not a tear. (She does usually cry at shots though--she's normal.) She takes 3 naps a day and we lay her down awake and she puts herself to sleep, and almost always without crying. I think God decided she's been through enough and decided to give her (and us) a break. I tell you, that God up there has been good to us.

Alexis will go for her 9 month check up on Monday and has her second appointment at the Down Syndrome clinic at St. Vincent on Tuesday. At the end of the month she has her 6 month review with First Steps. She continues to receive OT and PT twice a month. She is getting closer to sitting up on her own. She does great when we prop her up in the corner of the couch, but needs to get a bit stronger for sitting up on the floor.

As for the boys, we are getting back into our school routine (no school tomorrow though due to the snow). It's so fun watching Nicholas amaze even himself when he'll realize he can read a whole sentence or even a whole page when we're reading at home. And he'll be happy to take on anyone on the new Wii. Blake is counting the days until he turns 5 and can have his pirate birthday party. But Blake says he's no longer Captain Blake. Now you can call him Captain's Curse (which is actually the name of a Monster Truck.) I am a very blessed Mommy. Life is good.

Going to the bus stop this morning:

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