Thursday, February 25, 2010

I try not to be a "told you so" sorta gal...

...but you can call me Kendra M.D. The only thing I predicted wrong is that we go back in 10 months, not a year.

Nicholas and I just got back from the orthopedic surgeon. I really liked him. Soft spoken, kind, patient with Nicholas (not that Nicholas requires a lot of patience). Nick's curvature is more related to posture than scoliosis, although Dr. D did give him a diagnosis still of "postural scoliosis". Nicholas has had ongoing issues with his digestive tract, takes stuff for it daily, and it does seem to improve a bit as he gets older. But the doctor believes that the digestive issues cause enough discomfort that it makes Nick to stand a bit askew in an attempt to lessen the pressure.

He also said that the x-ray made it appear as though Nicholas might have one leg a bit longer than another (although this is pretty normal) but it's probably just the way he was standing for the x-ray. So in 10 months we go back for another x-ray to make sure that nothing has changed. We continue the medication Nick was already on and there are no restictions.


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