Saturday, February 6, 2010

10 months

Superbowl Sunday! Colts! Colts! Colts! Love the Colts, ache for the Colts, but since the Colts couldn't win it, then I'm happy for the Saints.

Today is also Alexis's 10 month birthday. Lexi! Lexi! Lexi!

For months I've thought that she was ready to cut a tooth: the little white spots on her gums, the doctor thinking she would be ready any minute, the drool rolling down her chin... But this time, I mean it. The drool, the gums, the fussiness. That tooth will be poppin' through any minute now. I love this next picture. No, she doesn't have medical tubing down her front. That's just some impressive drool.

And here's a video showing one of her rare displays of moodiness. I love how she stops fussing the minute I start singing but then it's right back to cranky baby status:

Alexis is finally able to sit up for a very short amount of time all by herself. We have to be right there because she still tips easily, but it's coming. She has to put a hand out to prop herself up. Babies who have Down syndrome are often very flexible because of low muscle tone. Alexis can put her legs totally out to the sides in a split, but the OT told us to keep her legs in closer so that she has to use her trunk for strength and stability, instead of her arms. So many things to remember. Here's a video of her sitting up:

We had a pretty good snowfall here on Friday. The roads did get a bit slick, as evidenced by our mailbox that got taken out by a teenage boy who lost control of his minivan. Of all the days for us to not have Jason's minivan parked out on the street. But the snow is beautiful! I love that we have all these trees behind our house--I think it's my favorite thing about our house. It's beautiful to look out there at any season:

And yesterday, after Jason put up a new mailbox, he took the boys our for some sledding. But first, a snowball fight:

My biggest kid:


  1. She is a doll! Couldn't watch the video's though for some reason:( Happy 10 Months Alexis!!

  2. It's so funny because I have been saying the same thing about Colin for so long now! I have been CONVINCED that a tooth will pop through at any minute, but I've also been saying that for months. This weekend it started back up again BAD...the drool, the fussiness, sticking BOTH hands in his mouth! So I said it again, but I guess we will see...

  3. Happy 10 Months Baby Girl!!!!!!! So fast! This was the best blog ever! She has grown so much and the videos just made me laugh! I have GOT to have copies of the photos! The boys (even the big one) are adorable! Miss everyone sooooo much! Love,JoJo