Friday, October 8, 2010

18 months old!

Alexis has a new physical therapist. We love her! We've always had Alexis stand up by leaning forward on something, but this time, she had Lexi stand up while leaning back against the couch.

It took a minute to get her footing.

But she got it. And she stayed up.

And she liked it!

And I think she was as proud of herself as I was of her!

Happy 18 month birthday (yesterday!) Alexis!


  1. Way to go Lexi Lou Who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That last picture is PRICELESS! I laugh every time I look at it! JoJo

  2. AW!!! Happy 18 months to the little buggaboo!

  3. Happy 18 months...she looks great standing there, such a big girl she is getting to be!