Monday, October 11, 2010

Gearin' up!

The Indianapolis Buddy Walk is only a week away! Lexi Lou and her Whos are getting ready for our first ever walk. We could have attended last year's but I don't think I was ready yet. And at that time, Alexis had been out of the hospital for less than a month following her heart surgery, which was my excuse not to go. This year however, we are going all out!

We've got hats! We've got banners! We've got shirts--sort of. I know they pass out Buddy Walk shirts at the walk, but I'm making some Lexi Lou's Whos shirts for my family and anyone else that wants one (just let me know!). In the attempt to save money, I'm printing off my own transfers. It's not perfect. But it will work for us.

We even have the Grinch and Max the Dog to accompany little Lexi Lou Who on the walk. Wonder if I should have registered them...

And little Lexi Lou herself is ready as well.

It's not too late to make a donation!


  1. Can't wait until the walk. LOVE the photos of the kids. Will be bringing our red shirts Tuesday when I come for the "words". Hope everyone is well soon.

  2. Great photos! Good luck - hope you guys have a great time. Glad it wasn't too late to make a donation :)