Thursday, January 6, 2011


Christmas was wonderful. We saw lots of family, visited friends, and everyone was happy and healthy. We are so blessed.

One of Alexis's gifts was a stroller. Someday soon she will be able to push her babies around in it. Right now, we can stand her behind it and help her make some tiny steps. She has made the occasional steps on her own, but we need to weight down the stroller because it will roll out ahead of her and we want to avoid a face plant on that cute little face of hers.

But in the meantime she has been able to pull herself up to dining room chairs and push them around the kitchen very slowly. They're a bit heavier and have a bit more resistance and don't seem to get away from her so quick.

One of my favorite gifts this Christmas was from Nicholas. At school they made a calendar and decorated each month with a picture they drew.

October is a big month for Nicholas. It's his birthday. He could have drawn a picture of his party or his gifts. And with Halloween that month, he could have chosen to draw a picture of his costume. But instead of those, he chose to draw something else.

He drew a picture of the Buddy Walk. I love that of all the things he loves about October, he drew us at the Buddy Walk. He insists that he drew us in our red Lexi Lou Who shirts.
Poor color blind kid. Sadly, my color blind father would probably side with him.
On a side note, I think we have finally conviced them both that our green minivan is not purple.

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  1. Love that boy! (And I did tell his PopPop that Nicholas colored the shirts green. They looked red to him!)