Sunday, January 30, 2011

The weekend

After a busy weekend of basketball and a birthday party last weekend, it's been nice to sit around, let the laundry pile up, and play. Poor Nicholas was fighting a bug all week and missed 4.5 days of school, but luckily Blake and Alexis were able to avoid it.

Alexis's favorite new thing to do is crawling around on the couch. She loves to stand herself up on it, bounce on it, crawl on it. Our downstairs sectional however, does cause a bit of static. As evidenced by this:


Nicholas has been healthy all weekend thank goodness. So the boys were busy with attending Monster Jam events with the boy scouts. I'm so sorry that I missed the excitement (can you hear the sarcasm?) but we girls did other exciting things. Like sitting in plastic boxes.

Love this expression:

Jason made some progress this weekend with Alexis keeping her glasses on. She's kept them on several hours today. Don'tcha just love the outfit?

Tonight for dinner we took Blake for his belated birthday dinner at Red Robin. We love that place. The food is great (unlimited drinks AND steak fries!) and the staff is incredible. Even Alexis likes the food.

Blake got his free kids meal and they brought out sundaes for BOTH the boys and sang to Blake.

Nicholas ate most of his sundae. Blake finished his sundae and what was left of Nick's. That's my kid. Can't believe he's 6!

I don't know this employees name, but every time we have been there, she comes over and makes a huge fuss over Alexis. Jason and I joke about how, when we are out in public with Alexis, it's what we imagine it would feel like hanging with a celebrity. People are always stopping us to see her, talk to her, ask about her. And we love it. Who wouldn't want people being that kind to their kids?

I think it's our new go-to place for birthdays in our family. 2 more weeks until we return!

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  1. Those glasses are so cute! I'm not a big fan of the bright pink, thick ones! And that hair, to die for!