Thursday, April 7, 2011


Happy 2nd birthday Alexis!!

Feeling a bit nostalgic on Lexi's 2nd birthday today, I scrolled back through the blog thinking of how overwhelming it felt last year at this time as I recalled her first year of life. Last year at this time I was remembering all the challenges of the first year: 2 major surgeries, many days in the hospital, and countless numbers of doctors, surgeons, specialists, nurses, and therapists. As much as I recall Alexis's first year as a year of blessings, I can't help but recall a lot of stress and anxiety as well.

Oh, what a difference a year makes!

She absolutely shines! Yes, we have the occasional concern: hypothyroidism (now controlled), extreme farsightedness (now corrected), some eating issues and a new ENT, but much more than that, I look back at year 2 as one of exciting milestones.

Openning birthday gifts from her cousins.

The most significant milestone was graduating from the cardiologist with a perfect little ticker. Alexis also got her first pair of shoes, and her first pedicure--an important first for every girl. She learned to blow kisses. At around 15 months she started sitting up by herself and soon after, started crawling. At 17 months she got her first pair of orthotics and immediately started standing with help. October was our very first Buddy Walk. Alexis started signing and communication began to develop. She started pulling herself up to standing, started climbing stairs on her knees, and got glasses. A month later Alexis finally started leaving her glasses on. Most recently we were given the opportunity to talk to a few hundred third graders about Down syndrome. What an incredible year!

We took the kids to the Bremen Bounce today. The main purpose was to get the kids to burn off some energy, but we'll let them all think it was just for Alexis's birthday. The kids had a great time, including Alexis. Unfortunately, being spring break, the place was packed, and smelled like feet. There isn't enough sanitizer in the world...

So when I say "they all had a great time", there were a few exceptions with Blake. Luckily they were short lived. Do you see his expression in the above picture? It's really hard not to crack up when Blake starts pouting. I think he just wants an excuse to practice his pirate expressions.

Later that evening we went to Hacienda for dinner. Alexis has discovered the joy that is Cheese Soup. We also got her a scoop of ice cream, but after a bite or two, she made it quite clear that she was having more soup for dessert.

And in Alexis's honor, the rest of us had a mudslide. In the future, we will be ordering more than 1 mudslide for the rest of us to share. Mudslides are not made to be shared by more then 2 people. And it is totally acceptable to eat one alone.

Shine on Alexis!


  1. I love this story, thanks Kendra, I just put my makeup on and now have to retouch!!! Your blogs always inspire me and give me hope for my little angel as well! I look forward to every day with her, but after reading this, I cherish everyday with her and have soooo much to look forward to!

  2. Happy 2nd birthday Alexis! Don't you wish those bouncy house places could find a way to get rid of the stinky feet smell!