Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Skip the Showers...I'm Ready for those April flowers

March was busy, then we got sick. Then we fit in some more busy, and then some more sick. I'm glad to be into April.

It wasn't all bad though. In fact, the busy was pretty good. And even with all the sick, we didn't miss any important events on the calendar. But when we get sick, we get really, really, sick. The strep throat started with Nick. It usually starts with Nick. And then the bug worked it's way into my system. Luckily, I never felt that bad when I got it. I've had strep so many times this year (5? 6? Seriously, I've lost count.) that I know what it feels like and can get to the doctor right away to get treated. By the time Nick and I were able to shake the strep, poor Lexi came down with a fever of 104.4. We didn't immediately think it was strep throat with Alexis. I learned when Nick was a baby, that kids that young don't usually get strep. When Nick was 15 months old, I took him to the doctor because he was looking and feeling so sick, but they couldn't find anything wrong with him. At that time, I was due to give birth to Blake in 3 days and poor baby Nicky was miserable. They weren't going to test him for strep because "kids this young don't get strep." When I asked her to test him anyway, she was happy to do it and then felt terrible when he tested postitive.

It was a similar story when I took Alexis to the pediatrician. He was only going to test her for RSV, but humored me with a strep test since Nick and I had strep the week before. The RSV test was negative but she tested positive for strep. He prescribed an antibiotic and in less than 24 hours she was almost a whole new baby.

Luckily, the boys were both healthy when Grandparent's Day took place at their schools. How we managed to fit in all the important events on their few sick-free days is beyond me. Blake got to show off his kindergarten class to his grandparents and then had his very first soccer practice. And then he came down with...care to guess? Strep throat. The pharmacists know me well.

That same week Nick had grandparent's day and his first soccer practice. It may be one of the few weeks of school that he didn't miss a single day. The attendance lady at school knows me well.

Alexis was back to her usual happy healthy self by the time we had to do our last 2 presentations to the 3rd grade classes at another Noblesville elementary school. We did a total of 8 presentations at 4 schools and they went great! Here she is taking in all the kids as they start filing in to the room.
I loved doing those presentations. I really feel like they were won over by Alexis and her charm. They asked great questions and I felt like I held their attention (or maybe it would be more accurate to say that Alexis held their attention) for the entire time. I hope we will find a way to do more of these types of presentations in the future. I loved talking to those kids!

After we all seemed to finally shake that strep crud, we seemed to get back on track. And thankfully, we got back on track in time for spring break.

The reading doesn't stop just because school is out. When you have 3 grandparents that are retired teachers, you will read and you will like it.Our kids are so blessed to have 4 loving grandparents. And my kids adore my aunt and uncle who live just down the street making it like having 6 grandparents. And the joy they feel when any of those grandparents arrives is obvious to everyone in the room.

My folks and my brother and his family came to town for the start of spring break. We had an impromptu Final Four party and Paula and Ron gave Alexis some birthday gifts a bit early since we would be in Elkhart for her actual birthday. One of the gifts was this adorable pink chair. A perfect fit.
And when Layla is in town, there is always time to fit in a makeover.
We went to the Children's Museum over the weekend. The boys humored Marley by going into the Dora exhibit, but were chomping at the bit to get to the costume displays. I don't know if they were more excited about the Batman costumes or the Star Wars costumes, but Blake's attempt at tough and scary facial expressions was hysterical.
Alexis had a great time while we were there. She especially loved the baby area of Playscape. There were mirrors, padded steps to climb, balls, drawers, and lightswitches. What more does a child need?
Blake's favorite area is the Science Works. You can make a little boat and play with it in the water and Blake would stay there all day if he had the choice. The kid loves water almost as much as his father. And I think Alexis is going to be the same way.
And of course we had to end the day in the video games. Can you guess my opinion on going all the way to the Children's Museum only to spend a bunch of time playing video games similar to those we have at home?
We ended the day with dinner at Red Robin.
Yesterday we drove to Elkhart for the remainder of our spring break. The paparazzi has been hard at work and has gotten some great shots.
Can't believe this little girl of mine is going to be 2 this week.
Any time we are with any of our family we have such a great time. We play hard, we laugh hard...And these faces are so priceless to me.

And then we crash hard.


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