Monday, April 9, 2012

School, Day 1: check.

Spring break was fun. Easter was lovely. And then reality arrived today. Reality with a little something extra.

There was an extra backpack to prepare this morning.

I don't know how much Alexis understood. She loves watching her brothers get on the bus in the morning. So I tried explaining that she too would be riding a bus today. That she too would be going to school today. I may have over talked it...
Girlfriend done did roll her eyes at her momma.

I was nervous. Very nervous. I had dropped the ball and didn't know everything I needed to know ahead of time. I had met the early childhood teacher and loved her, but at the IEP was told that her class was full and they'd be hiring a new teacher. When spring break arrived, I realized that I hadn't heard anything yet and now that vacation was here, there was no one to call.

So I sent a note to school with Alexis, introduced myself and explained a few things that Alexis is now doing (potty training!) and prayed for the best.

The bus driver that arrived to pick Alexis up was wonderful and gave me great peace of mind. She introduced herself and the attendant, assured me that Alexis was in good hands, and answered my questions.
And she was off. I was teary, but luckily distracted by 2 boys who were to get on the bus about 5 minutes later.

A call came from the school about 30 minutes later. It was the original early childhood teacher that I loved. The new teacher hadn't yet been hired, so for a week or so, Alexis will be in her class. She has an aide and so I'm fine with it. The teacher addressed the concerns in my note and assured me that she'd send a note home with Alexis to let me know how her day went.
Alexis came home in smiles. I would love for her to be able to tell me exactly how her day went, but I know she was happy. When she awoke from her afternoon nap, her first question was "Bus?" I told her no, tomorrow. She responded, "okay".

The teacher did send home a note saying she had received PT and OT today. It talked about their actvities and the kind of assist she needed (verbal cues and hand over hand assist). The teacher also added a note stating that "Alexis had a great first day! Very sweet. She did very well on shapes!" Watching all that Barney seems to have paid off.Alexis will attend school in the mornings, Monday through Thursday. On Friday she will continue to attend the Parent's Day Out program at our church.

And since I haven't blogged since... here's a recap:

Potty training is in progress. She has quite a bit of success each day, but far from ready for underpants. The potty doll was fun, for about an hour.

Blake is his usual self. Funny and clumsy, with a nice goose egg to show for it. Luckily he got right back on that scooter the next day. Don't know that we'll ever get the kid on a bicycle now though.

Pinewood Derby champion. Two years running. So proud of all the time he put into his car!

Alexis was highly amused by wearing her brother's sweatshirt. For about 5 minutes.
Birthday celebrations. I can't believe she's 3!!! She's come a long way from that 5 pound baby in the ICU.

And a very happy Easter!

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  1. I am so thrilled you have posted these photos and commentary Kendra. I have had your family in my thoughts!! My emotions roll too looking and reading your blog. She has come so far, but not without the support of a fabulous mom, dad and brothers, of course! This is one of many chapters in her life, she is such a beautiful and brilliant little girl who will have SO MANY successes. She is teaching many all along the way...GO ALEXIS!! God Bless :) Deb Wise