Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She's in her element

Alexis is loving going to school. LOVES it. She wakes up in her usual groggy yet happy manner, she sits up until I walk into her room and then throws herself back down thinking she's absolutely hysterical and has totally fooled me into believing she's still sleeping.

"Alexis, are you going to ride the bus today?"

She sits up, smiles even bigger, stands up at the side of her crib and asks: "Bus?"

It's the highlight of her day. I haven't been to her classroom yet. Her new teacher is learning the ropes just as we are. I will go soon, but want to give them the time and space to get acclamated. If I had any hesitation at all, I'd be in that room, or at least just outside it with my face pressed up to the glass like the helicopter mom I am totally capable of being.

Alexis brings home half sheets of paper everyday with a brief summary of the day: which therapies she's had, what activities she's done, etc. So far there are only 3 in this new class which is a nice way to start out I think. The teacher still has an aide, but has more time to give me feedback. Every day she comes home with a very positive note. Today she loved being outside in the wagon, yelling at the aide to "Ready, Set, Go!!" Yesterday the note talked about how she likes to find her new friend's picture on the wall, point at it and say "Gigi!"

On Fridays she continues to attend the Parent's Day Out program she's been in all year. I think we'll stick with this same schedule next year: Developmental preschool Monday thru Thursday and Parent's Day Out on Friday. She just thrives in these school settings! I'd almost be tempted to add more preschool to her calendar (like a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon) but girlfriend still needs her naps. She can become quite the little monster when she's tired. (Her grandparents deny this.)

I feel bad not having more to say about what the boys are up to. But if you're really interested, Nicholas pulled his groin over the weekend, and Blake learned a new swear word.


  1. You make me laugh til I cry!!!! I LOVE hearing about my kidlets!

  2. Oh, Blakie. Always makes me laugh!