Thursday, July 12, 2012

I see a theme, matey.

There seems to be a theme with my children.  It all started with these two and the old white burp rags that quickly became Nick's beloved blankets.  They made the perfect hat.

And it wasn't long until Blake discovered pirates.  He started off with just a few basics...hats mostly.

 Just a hat or two.  And then we added a hook.  Maybe a few hooks.

Hats and hooks and patches and the whole stinkin' costume.  Argh.

Even on days when it wasn't appropriate to wear it, he snuck in a pirate detail or two.  Such as his first trip to ever meet his little sister in the newborn ICU.  Notice the red bandanna?

When his sister eventually arrived home, there suddenly was a new matey to don the beloved blanket bandanna.  She didn't stand a chance really.

Is it really any surprise really that even our Christmas cards have occasionally displayed a few of our crew in their pirate wear?

It didn't happen often, but you never knew when Alexis was going to suddenly be displaying an accoutrement or two.

Blake's love of pirates has tapered off just a bit. But I think that Lexi's is just beginning. 

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