Sunday, July 15, 2012

Playing with food.

Thank goodness for Pinterest and all of their fabulous rainy day activities, or as we say in this horrendous Indiana drought season, tonsillectomy-removal-low-key-activities.  Today was all about toothpick and marshmallow sculptures.

Nick and I started off by making the basic house shapes.  Then Blake joined in.

For inquiring minds, Blake is doing remarkably well.  Night 2 was a bit rough, but he's been a rock star of a patient and today even wanted to venture out for a Down Syndrome Indiana picnic.  What a trooper!

I think our creations are quite representative of our differences.  My sculpture/molecule/constellation in front shows my left brained ways.  It may also be reflective of some deep down, yet-to-be-discovered mathematical genius/analytical mind. 

 And Blake's sculpture shows his right brained creativity and imagination.  Disorganized yet fascinating.  I love that he's a lefty! 

 Nick's sculpture toothpicks and marshmallows display his increasing appetite and new found fondness for chopsticks.
This is all that's left of Nick's structure.  It was tasty.


  1. You make me laugh out loud!!!!!

  2. I'm with Nick. We'll ooh and ahh over your lovely creations whilst munching on ours. It's a win-win situation. :D