Thursday, August 9, 2012

A purchase and some pictures.

I made an exciting purchase.  I've been wanting a label maker for a long time, but was always haunted by the Seinfeld episode where they label the moving boxes and the labels fall off in transit.  I finally got one.  And oh, the joy a label brings to my life!  Watch out, brand spankin' new school supplies.  I'm comin' for you!

We returned from Elkhart last jaunt up north to see Pop Pop and JoJo before school starts next week.  While I was there, I was putting some of their pics on my hard drive and I came across some wonderful pictures that my Dad got of Alexis back over the July 4th holiday. 

They make me melt.


  1. LOVE the pictures!!!! That's our little sweetie-bug!

  2. Oh lord. Welcome to the label maker club. It's a dangerous hobby. :)

  3. I can not properly articulate how jealous I am of you and your label maker. Seriously. It's ridiculous (my jealousy, not your label maker).