Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nickle Pickle

It was 3rd grade parent night tonight.  A night to go to your child's class, get to know the teacher a bit better, and get necessary information for the school year.  I sat in Nick's desk amid other moms and a few dads and listened to the teacher.  She's new to our school this year but not new to teaching and she explained the new math curriculum, the process of learning spelling words, that the kids would be learning cursive, and how her discipline styles work. 

I'm always so grateful that I don't ever have to worry about discipline and behavior issues yet where my kids are concerned.  In a world full of autism, hyperactivity and emotional disabilities, my kids have always been remarkably even-tempered.  Nicholas has a bit of a shy side to him.  He's not one to pursue other friends, but once they approach Nicholas, he has no difficulties joining in the group.

At one point the teacher mentioned to the parents her obsessive organizational skills.  The mom next to me offered to bring in her label maker.  That was my cue to show off my newly labeled keys.  The dad across from me shook his head in disbelief.  I think I heard him utter the word "nuts". 

Label-making mom next to me, who looked familiar but I hadn't met before, startled me when she said that her son wanted to have Nicholas over.  I didn't realize that her son and Nick had been in the same class last year.  The mom went on to tell me that her son was really struggling last week when school started.  He had loved their 2nd grade teacher and was having a hard time adjusting to a new grade, a new class, and a new teacher.  The 3rd grade teacher talked to the 2nd grade teacher.  Nicholas's name came up.  This little boy was moved to sit next to Nicholas and it's been a big help to this child.  The mom was grateful.  I kept the tears at bay until I got to the car. 

I'm upping his allowance.

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  1. awesome story about your son nicholas and how he has made a difference for "label making mom"'s son!!!! :)