Friday, September 28, 2012

It was bound to happen... was just a matter of time.  The honeymoon is over.

The daily notes that come home with Alexis have changed.  They used to say things like:  Alexis is so sweet!  She loves the Puppy song, followed me around all day and even said "I love you".

But lately they sound more like:  Alexis has been telling us "no" a lot and doesn't follow instructions.

Yesterday's note was a first: 

Girlfriend has copped a 'tude.  And it's not because she has a verbal delay.  It isn't because she has Down syndrome.  It's because she's 3.  The terrible two's were easy.  The thunderous three's make me need my own time out.

The tears started falling yesterday when I wouldn't play the music she wanted in the car.

For the record, there are still positive notes that come home in her backpack.  I'm grateful to the teachers for not letting her get away with things.  She isn't allowed to break rules that the other students are expected to follow.  I'm sure there will be people who think she doesn't know better, but she knows exactly what she's doing.

The crying continued.  Full on fit.

Even though she's quite the little stinker at times, she's growing and learning like crazy.

She's been having lots of success with potty training lately.  Last weekend was big:  she jumped.  This is huge folks!  She's understood the motion of jumping and has been able to jump on her mattress and on the trampoline in PT when she's holding on to something.  But for the first time, she actually jumped on the floor and cleared it...maybe only by millimeters, but she cleared it.

And later that same day she figured out how to turn a doorknob and open doors.  We are in serious trouble here.  Any minute she will figure out how to run.  Lord help us.

Cried herself to sleep.  Finally.

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