Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween was a success.  Nick may have had the easiest costume ever: Percy Jackson.  Not sure why he didn't wear blue jeans like Percy wears, but oh well.  He carried a sword and wore a "Hello, my name is Percy Jackson" name tag.  Blake was some sort of Star Wars...thing. 

Lex stayed home with mommy and wore her Pooh costume.  It's the same thing she wore last year.  There's a benefit to growing slowly.  We mixed it up a bit by putting on the Abby Cadaby slippers.  We're wild and crazy like that.

The pumpkins, l-r, Darth Vader, Minecraft, Percy Jackson.
We have bags and bags of candy left over.    The most perplexing thing of the whole evening:  the boys went through their loot to take out anything they didn't want.  My kids prefer the Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, and suckers and want to chuck the Twix and Snickers and Butterfingers (not a Milk Dud in the pile.  Dang.).  What kind of kids did I raise?  Preferring a sucker over chocolate?  Sheesh.

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