Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fix it.

Poor Alexis has been sick.  Even though she just had strep 2 weeks ago, usually she's a pretty healthy little girl.  So it was very confusing and upsetting to her yesterday when she threw up.  She didn't understand what was happening.
"What is it?"  She choked out, tears running down her face, and that lower lip sticking out in a most pathetic way. 
"You got sick," I said, rubbing her back and holding her hair back.
"Fix it!" she pleaded.

While it's so hard to watch my child feel bad, my second reaction to her demand to "fix it" was gratitude that she can communicate that need to me.  She can point at her stomach and say "Tummy. Hurt."  Even during moments like this, it's like a little milestone that I quietly celebrate. 

1 comment:

  1. Poor Lexie. That's worse than my little boy because at least he gets that he's sick. He even knows where he got it. Especially after the email from his teacher. Half. The. Class.