Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend was a whirlwind.  In 2 days we celebrated in 4 cities.  This included 4 Easter egg hunts.  I'm in a Twix coma.
Hunt #1 with our church in Noblesville.

We went straight from the egg hunt in Noblesville to the grandparent's house in Kokomo to have Easter with cousins and aunt and uncles.

Blake was a tad excited to find a Skylander in his Easter basket.  A tad.
Lexi paused to admire herself.
We returned home Saturday night and woke Sunday for church.  We returned home from church long enough to pack up the suitcases and head to Logansport for another family Easter dinner.  And another egg hunt.  Lexi's got it down now.

Lexi's first ever Easter dress and new Easter shoes.  Some days you just have to pass on the orthotics.

I was telling the boys how I think that the Easter bunny works with Santa Claus to discuss all the kids and who is good and who's not.  In fact, I think the Easter bunny works with Santa and the tooth fairy and the Great Pumpkin.  Blake looked at me funny.  "Mom!  Remember, the Great Pumpkin isn't real!"  Glad he cleared that up.

After more quality cousin time, we left Logansport and are now with the other Grandparents in Elkhart.  And I'm going to bed.  Tomorrow I tackle the Snickers.

Blessings to you this Easter!!

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