Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer, So Far.

It's been a crazy busy summer so far...and my kids aren't even in any sports right now.  Once school got out we had one week to finish up gymnastics for Alexis and swim lessons for Blake.  We had a week of dressing up as pirates, going to the park and the pool, video games, signing up for the summer reading program at the library, etc.

Week two of summer break was spent on vacation with friends in Tennessee.  I think this is the fourth summer we've done this and we've grown to love Douglas Lake.  It's big and beautiful without much boat traffic at all, and we're so fortunate to have good friends with a cabin on the lake.  They are so generous to share this with us.

The cabin is in Sevierville which is very close to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  So any rainy days are often spent trying new museums and other attractions.  This year we explored the Forbidden Caverns and the WonderWorks Museum.  Both were big hits with the kids.

In the Forbidden Caverns.  Not sure why they're forbidden.
The WonderWorks Museum is a very kid friendly, hands on, fun and interactive museum.  The boys both climbed the rock wall.  Blake and Jason both did the 3 story high ropes course.  They were in line for over an hour, and the entire time we waited on them, Alexis was totally entertained by the worlds largest Lite Brite.  She wasn't ready to leave when it was time to move on.
Blake (left) and Nick (right)

Can you spot Blake in the blue shirt between the two red staircases?

We were blessed with some great weather and spent 3 of the 5 days on the boat.  We came home tired, happy, and a little bit crispy.

We came home on Saturday, spent Sunday in Kokomo for Father's Day, and were ready for VBS on Monday morning.  I was hoping Alexis could have participated this year but since she wasn't potty trained yet, I knew she'd be in the nursery while the boys participated and I volunteered.  As it turned out, Alexis started summer school this week and couldn't have participated anyway.  I was nearly in tears though when 4 different adults at our church that help out with the kids programs approached me separately about Alexis participating in VBS because they wanted her to be with the other kids and not miss out.  I was so happy, so touched, and I'm still hoping that Alexis will be potty trained by the fall so that she can participate in preschool at the church.

200 kids participating this year.  I won't try to point out where the boys are.
Alexis missed the first week of summer school because we were in Tennessee last week.  She loved it this week and was happy to reunited with her friend Anna.  We enjoyed more park time last night with the added bonus of Pop Pop Tom coming to town.

Blake (left) and Nick (right), Photo by Pop Pop.

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