Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

...because school is back in session!  God bless the teachers!  While I loved our full yet brief summer, I function a lot better with a routine and a few hours every day to miss my kids.

Since our school adopted a balanced calendar for the first time this year, summer vacation lasted only 8 weeks.  We filled that 8 weeks with vacations, camps, summer school, and plenty more.

I think the highlight of the summer for my kids was Holiday World.

We made a trip to Elkhart and fit in a trip to the beach, a baseball game, and a fair.

The surprise bonus at the Silverhawks game: it was StarWars night!
Lexi loves going on rides.  The picture of her in tears here is because she had to get off the ride.

We went to Colts camp for the first time.  Blake liked it for the first 10 minutes and was ready to go home to his Legos, but Nick was excited to be there...not excited enough for my shy boy to approach any players for autographs, but I met Pat McAfee and got his autograph.

The picture on the top right is Pat McAfee signing my hat.  We're like, totally BFF's now.
This past weekend we attended a "Fly-In" with Down syndrome Indiana.  It was a great time and I got to see lots of my d/s mom sisters.  But I was most amazed by my new photo editing skill:
This may not be exciting to you, but I'm quite pleased with myself. It might warrant a blog post of it's own. Okay, maybe not. But maybe.

And then we blinked and summer vacation was over.  We met the kids' teachers and all 3 kids seem to be in really good classes again this year.  Nicholas has several friends in his 4th grade class, Blake has a Russian tortoise in his 3rd grade class, and Alexis now attends afternoon developmental preschool with the same great teacher as last year.
 Time for my nap.

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  1. Ok! Love the new blog but need to know how you deleted the man in the photo!!!! and how do you do the "group" shots?????????????????? Waiting anxiously for a reply!