Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BW 2013 and a not-so-hidden gem

23 family and close friends (who are also family!) gathered at the Buddy Walk this past weekend to form Lexi Lou's Whos 2013.

About 5000 people gathered on Saturday to participate in the Buddy Walk and over $200,000 was raised for Down Syndrome Indiana.  We are so grateful for everyone's support for Alexis, our family, and for the community of people who have Down syndrome.  We are blessed.

The kids are currently on a 2-week fall break.  Alexis had an appointment in Indy on Monday afternoon and when we were headed back home, we passed Coxhall Gardens.  My friend Julie told me about C.G. after I admired some pictures she had taken.  In one of the pictures, her kids had climbed up a hill, and Julie took their picture from below as they were jumping and cropped it so it looked like they were flying.  Not one to have many original ideas of my own, we copied.

You get the idea. 
 And then there was Blake.
Take 1                                  Take 2

Finally, he got the idea:
Coxhall Gardens was beautiful!  The kids loved walking along the paths, over the bridge, and around the water as much as I did.  From the road, it looks like a simple, grassy park with a clock tower.  I had no idea how beautiful it was after you drove in.

They have an adorable little children's village
The jail was my favorite.

My babies.


One of the 2 clock towers


I love finding a (not-so) hidden gem.


  1. Love this post!!! What gorgeous photos!!!

    1. Thanks Jo! We'll take you there sometime. You'll go nuts with your camera!