Monday, November 9, 2009

Therapy resumes...

Alexis resumed her occupational therapy today. She still receives OT and PT every other week and it's very convenient that both therapists had Mondays at 3 open and can alternate weeks; better for me to remember, better for spacing out therapies for Alexis.

So the OT was immediately impressed at how she'd grown. It's been almost 2 months since they've seen her and it's amazing what 2 months and a heart surgery can do to a baby. The OT was thrilled at how much better she sat up in her Bumbo seat, how much better her head control was, how much stronger she seemed. She started the session with the Bumbo seat and everything went well. When she moved her to her tummy and had her rolling onto her stomach, Alexis got mad quickly. After only a few minutes Alexis was screaming her loudest scream and we stopped the session after a half hour.

Alexis seems to be doing better with eating rice cereal. I've tried some different things and she doesn't spit it out as much now. And she seems to enjoy it more and more. When the spoon is coming towards her, the mouth is wide open.

In other news, Nicholas is reading. Every week he has a new sight word and he amazes me with the words he knows but hasn't officially learned yet at school. He has started bringing home beginning books every week and will read the whole thing to me with hardly any help. It's a big joke in our house when I plead with Nicholas and Blake to stop growing. But they continue to insist they can't stop...they HAVE to get bigger. Sigh.

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