Monday, February 21, 2011

Her favorite game

Alexis's favorite Christmas present is this little inflatable ball pit. Unfortunately, the boys enjoy it a lot too, and maybe that's why it popped the other day. But that doesn't stop this girl (and those boys) from playing in it daily.

Lexi does a great job of entertaining herself. She would spend all day rolling balls around the house and chasing after them. And when she can get her brothers to play along, she's just that much happier.

However, what makes this game of roll-and-chase all the more exciting is to roll it into hard to reach corners. Which may be why I pulled 6 out from behind the buffet today. But whenever possible, she'd much rather go after the balls herself.

Stuck. Often.

But Miss Independent tries to find a way to get out. We start by standing up. Or not.

Or attempting to crawl through. But sometimes, we just need Mom. Watch me lift this table with just one hand!

Oh my goodness how I love these three!

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