Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Derbyday!

It was a busy weekend.
Nicholas and Blake participated in their first ever Pinewood Derby. Nicholas competed against his den while Blake was able to compete against anyone who wanted to enroll in the open class. Blake may not have won any awards, but I think he had the best looking car there...or maybe I should say the best looking ship. A pirate ship derby car complete with removeable masts and jolly roger flag.

Nicholas picked out his own car design and has worked with his dad for weeks on shaping, sanding, and painting his car. He worked so hard and all that work paid off. He won every heat and I've never seen that boy so proud! (Rumor has it, he even set a new track record!)

Video of the win can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t0ppspJaAM .

Video of the trophy presentation (poor kid can't get his hands on that first place trophy fast enough!) can be found here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbalTEIsz9o

Alexis and I were unable to attend the local festivities due to a significant milestones taking place in Michigan: Grandma Carol's 90th birthday.

It was a pretty good turnout. 4 of my grandma's 5 kids, 8 of her 11 grandkids, and a handful of great grandchildren made for a total of 29 people for a lovely dinner. Most of my cousins I hadn't seen since we had all gathered for her 80th birthday, so it was nice to see them and meet and introduce some of the great grandchildren who hadn't even been alive the last time we had gathered.

Some favorite pics from back in the day.

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