Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bedazzled is better.

Lexi's physiatrist found that her left leg is a half inch longer than her right. A half inch may not be much on an amazon like me, but on a shorty like her, it's a mile. So we had to have half-inch lifts put on her right shoe. From here on out, I'm calling them platforms. Sounds more glamorous.
Lexi currently has a pair of old beat up sparkley pink light-up shoes. She loves them. (They were $3.50 at Payless. So I loved them too.) She will walk around chanting "stomp, stomp" and pounding her feet to get them to light up. When she's sitting down, she'll smack the bottom of her shoe to get them to light up. She'll even smack the bottom of other people's shoes, most of which don't light up. We spend a lot of time washing her hands.

Anyway, for the platforms, I got her new shoes a half size bigger hoping that they'll continue to fit next time we're due for new orthotics. I picked out boring white Nikes, hoping the platform would be less noticable. Alexis of course, prefers the crazy bright glittery bedazzled light-up Sketchers.
We put them on her for the first time today. Talk about a growth spurt! Of course the skinny p.j.'s only make her look longer. She seemed a bit unsteady in her adjustment to platform walking, but yet she seemed...even. And faster.

I wasn't sure if adding the lift, er, platform to the shoe would allow the lights to still work. You'll be relieved to know, she can still "stomp, stomp" and smack her shoes to her hearts content.
She still hyperextends that right leg, but hopefully that will be corrected the next time she gets new orthotics.

Wonder how big a fit she'll throw when I try to put the white shoes on her.
I did learn today that it hurts like a...it really really hurts when she steps on your hand.

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