Friday, January 13, 2012

A great week.

It's been a good week. The weather until just a couple of days ago was park-worthy. One of Lexi's favorite words: outside. She loves it--the slides, the swings, although you may not believe it by this picture:

We even got a bit of basketball practice in.
Both boys came home on Monday with great report cards. Alexis had a great eye doctor appointment that day too. No need for a new prescription yet. And all 3 kids had great dentist appointments on Tuesday. Thank GOD they seem to have their father's enamel.
And we signed Alexis up for a second day of the Parent's Day Out program. She now goes every Thursday and Friday. She had her first Friday today. She loved it, as we knew she would.
And now the cold and the snow have arrived. Bring it!

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  1. LLLLLOOOVVVEEEE it! Not the snow.........but the kids!