Sunday, September 1, 2013

It finally happened. My kid broke my foot and put me in the hospital.

Well, kinda.  So maybe she didn't do it directly.  And maybe it was just an ER visit.  And maybe the bone isn't exactly broken.  More like chipped.  But it isn't the Labor Day Weekend I had originally planned.

God had a different plan. 

Friday night I took my kids to dinner and then we swung by a park in a neighboring town.  We had been there almost an hour and were just a quick swing and a couple slide runs away from heading home. 

Why any park chooses to have a 2-story high metal curly slide is beyond me.

Not the actual slide, but you get the idea.

Alexis decided she needed to go down that stinkin' slide.  So as she climbed the two levels of steps, I stayed close behind her just in case she should fall backwards.  She actually does really well on slides, but with a slide like this, I find it too high for any kid.  So once she was safely to the top, I backed down the stairs quickly with a plan to catch her once she came down the slide o' death.  Unfortunately, as I stepped off the bottom step onto the mulch below, my ankle gave out and I went down.  Hard.  And I heard my foot crunch.

Oh, the pain.

I had to sit in the mulch and watch my daughter descend the slide independently.  Fortunately, it was a safe decent for Alexis.  Unfortunately I was stuck, still sitting on the mulch as she climbed and descended 2 more times.  The boys finally came to see why I was sitting on the ground.  They stayed with Lexi while I got myself upright and found my footing.  I decided since I was able to put weight on my foot, it probably wasn't broken after all, so I hobbled back to the van and drove us home.  And unfortunately, Jason was already at work for the night, so I was on my own getting 3 kids to bed.  Thank goodness they are easy kids.  By that evening I was crawling up and down the steps of our house.

Saturday, I called my aunt who took me to the ER while Jason entertained the kids.  The x-ray showed a pretty nasty sprain and a chipped bone, so they put my right foot in a splint, gave me a prescription for Vicodin and sent me off for some crutches.

Honestly, I'm not in any pain.  As long as it's all wrapped up, it feels stiff and bruised, maybe a little achy at times, but no major pain.  And as luck would have it, Mom and Dad arrived in town a few hours later to spend the Labor Day weekend.  Mom has altered a few plans so that she can remain in town for the week and Paula is available (as she always is) to help out with the kiddos.  I'm so grateful.

Alexis kissed my splint to make it feel better.  Sweet girl.  Guess I won't blame her after all.

The first night when I was crawling around the house, Alexis kept asking, "You okay?"  And now she continues to ask about the crutches and splint.  The boys have been helpful, constantly fetching things for me and they have been highly entertained by my crutches.
I can still get around, just very slowly.  I attended a party down the street last night, went to church this morning, and try to take it easy and put my feet up when I can.  Thank goodness for my folks and aunt who have been waiting on me hand and ankle.
The middle picture above I had texted to Jason on the first night, hoping to elicit some sympathy.
He texted back, "Cankles are hot".
The ER doctor told me to make an appointment with my regular doctor in 5 days, so hopefully by then I can get rid of the splint and crutches and drive again, but we'll see.
It's not the Labor Day I had planned, but it hasn't been a bust by any means.  I've still been able to enjoy a long weekend with family and friends, free of Labor.  Hope yours is fun and uneventful!

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