Sunday, March 7, 2010

11 months!

Alexis is 11 months old today! And what a beautiful day it is. I took the kids out for a walk and made a pitstop at the neighborhood playground. Our neighbors were there and I put Alexis in the swing with Meredith, their littlest girl.

Alexis is still taking her antibiotic but seems to be over her cough and ear infections. She's eating well again and back to her happy little self. The only one left who seems to have a bit of a bug is me. But it definitely helped getting out and getting some fresh air today.

Happy 11 months Alexis!


  1. Happy Birthday Lexi Lou Who!!! Hard to believe that it's been 11 months! I really didn't think that it was you in the swing!!!! You're getting soooooo big! Hugs and kisses baby girl!

  2. Wow 11 months already!!! Time flys! Happy 11 months Alexis!!