Friday, March 12, 2010


She's a talker! Alexis has started with the "Dadadada" and "Babababa" sounds. I'm really pushing for the "Mamama", but no luck yet. It's so fun to listen to entertaining. The girl has an opinion, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that opinion is. Nicholas is trying to get her to say, "Nanana" since he thinks the "Babababa" is her way of saying Blake. Blake just wishes she could say, "Arrrrgh."

I need to do a better job of working with her on sign language. I've got the books, the videos, have taught myself a couple of signs to use with her. But I can never remember to do it! Maybe I'll print off some signing pictures and post them around the house as a reminder to myself. I've heard so many different people talk about how signing really helped and I think it's so important that I do this with Alexis. Unfortunately, I can never remember...ummm...what was I saying?

Alexis had OT and PT this week for the first time in 2 weeks since she'd been sick. They were both impressed at her progress! Alexis is having some difficulty getting down the skills of chewing (I've tried the puffs...she spits them out) and using a straw, so the OT gave me a few more things to try with her, like crushing up a cracker really fine and pressing it onto her gums and capping a straw with my finger for her to receive small amounts of liquid. Alexis seems to respond to these things, but now meal times take forever! I've also started giving her some textured baby foods, which take longer for her to eat, but it's a great sign that she isn't gagging on them. It's just a slow process. I'm trying to figure out a balance so that I can be consistent with trying all these new things, but not have a single meal time last longer than it would take me to read War and Peace.

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  1. Lol...I completely understand the meal time thing! We have slowly been trying to transition Colin to foods with textures, but most of the time, he just isn't having it. It makes me laugh (even though it's not funny) when he gags on textured food. It's slowly getting better but it definitely is a looooong process.