Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A big milestone...

Alexis has her first ear infection. Okay. Double ear infection. The girl knows how to do it up right. I took her back to the doctor today (if you're keeping track, this is the 5th doctor's appointment in 3 weeks) because while her cough no longer sounded like croup, it's been over a week now and I just wanted confirmation that her lungs still sounded okay (always have to be watching out for RSV) and her ears were okay. Blake had a double ear infection a few weeks ago and when he went back to the doctor last week for his follow up, they were still red and there was fluid in there. So yes, 2 kids with 4 infected ears. That's what I get for bragging to my friend about my kids always being so healthy.

Speaking of milestones, Alexis is starting to pull her legs up under her in a crawling pose. So exciting! Holla! If she has a wall or something that she can push her feet up against, she can do it by herself. Or if someone can put her in the position, she can hold it for a few seconds. Get out the baby gates! Pretty soon she'll be moving quicker than Mommy in a speed trap. (Don't ask.)

The boys had their first swim lesson yesterday with no major melt downs. There were bribes involved. I'm not above bribing my children. They were both started off in the beginner's group and Blake immediately jumped in and went under water multiple times (Daddy's boy) and was moved to the next group right away. Nicholas was much more hesitant (Mommy's boy) but did eventually put his face in the water (there were some tears but he got himself together pretty quickly without any parental intervention). I was thrilled to hear Nicholas say he enjoyed the swim lesson after it was all over, but I'm sure that he's trying really hard to put on a happy face in anticipation of the rewards that have been promised after all 10 lessons are completed. If only bribes worked this well with vegetables.

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