Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lexi's progress, swim lessons, and mean people.

Alexis had a follow-up doctor's appointment yesterday to have her ears checked for infection. All clear. But a strange thing occurred to my usually happy and smiley daughter. As I started to undress her at the beginning of the appointment to put her on the scale, she started to cry. My first thought was that I hurt her. Did I bend a finger back when taking her arm out of the sleeve? Did your bare skin rub along my sweatshirt zipper? But the crying didn't stop. The nurse finished up and left the room. Did the nurse scare you with her loud voice? The crying continued. The doctor walked in. Still crying. You are either hurt or scared. The doctor suggested it might be stranger anxiety. Maybe, but I really don't think so. The doctor completed the exam, gave me the all clear, and sent us on our way. Still crying. Not until I had Alexis dressed, strapped in her carrier, and was leaving the room, did the crying stop. Oh my goodness. She remembers this place. And this is the first time we have ever been here that she didn't get a shot. First. time. ever. If she isn't getting her immunizations, she's getting a flu or H1N1 shot. If it's not that, she's getting her RSV shot. My poor little pincushion! No shots this time, baby.

I hate for her to start being scared of the doctor's office, but a tiny bit of me got excited that she remembers this. I still think of her as my newborn but she's growing up. She's processing. She's learning. She's remembering. I realize that the learning/remembering thing has been going on for almost a year now, but it's suddenly becoming more obvious. Today Alexis had her OT appointment. Any time Alexis picks up an item in one hand, she drops whatever she was holding in the other hand. Before today I had never seen her hold something in each hand and bang them together. But after the OT worked with her on it for a little while, she could do it. All. By. Her. Self. May seem like a small step to some. I was doing backflips.

Changing subjects.

The boys just had their sixth swimming lesson this evening. They are counting down until the 10th lesson is done so that they can get their bribes rewards. At Monday's lesson, Nicholas was having a bit of trouble getting started. He didn't want to put his face in the water. Tears ensued. The boys started off the session both being in group 2. (Group 1 in the beginning group for kids adjusting to the water.) By the middle of Monday's lesson, Blake had been moved up to group 3. Nicholas had been moved back to group 1. After a few more tears and a little time with his favorite instructor ("the pretty girl in the pink swimsuit" according to Nick) he moved back to group 2. Today's lesson went great. He put on a good show for aunt Paula and enjoyed being in the same group as his friend Parker. Blake remains in group 3 and spends the time acting silly and entertaining each instructor that works with him.

Nick at his first swim lesson:

Blake the daredevil and Nick holding on for dear life (with the favorite instructor on the left):

Blake. No fear:

Nick is still holding on. But happy. Blake is being a ham, as usual:

On an unrelated note, I've read a lot of blogs lately that mention some problems with pictures being "stolen" off blogs and websites. The pictures have been altered in cruel and hurtful ways and reposted on other sites, and because of this, I'm trying to be a bit proactive. I'm a bit limited in my understanding of how to protect my pictures, but have been able to figure out a couple of things (notice the text on the top photo?). The internet is a scary place sometimes. I may also stop posting blog entries on facebook after this, so make sure you check the actual blog from time to time for updates.


  1. Such a fun time yesterday with having my "Lexi" time and then time with the boys. I am still laughing at fearless Blake at the pool. He was absolutely hysterical!!! And Nicky did such a fabulous job. Won't we have fun this summer in our pool? Love you,
    Aunt Paula

  2. Wonderful blog, wonderful news. She looks like a big girl in that picture! The boys crack me up. Now what about that night out, dude?