Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swine Flu, Fussy Muscles, and Grabby Hands

Nicholas's school was on the news the past 3 days because of swine flu. A student has type A influenza which, in 98% of cases means they have the H1N1 virus. Great. Luckily, the child was diagnosed over the weekend and hasn't been to school this week. The school has been disinfected. I had to go to a meeting at the school tonight and when I walked in, my first thought was, "is there a swimming pool in this building?" Ahhhhh. Cleaning chemicals. And they installed hand sanitizer stations. Good.

At Lexi's last pediatrician appt., Dr. M strongly advised us to all get the flu shot and, when it's available, the H1N1 vaccine. Since Alexis can't get the vaccinations until 6 months old, it's important that everyone around her get the shots. Yuck. I'm so lucky that I have such healthy kids. Never had the flu shots, never had more than the 24 hour bug. But all the news coverage and the talk with my doctor make it sound soooooo scary--especially when you have an infant at home--an infant with a heart condition. Guess we'll be getting the vaccines this year. I'm already planning in my head what I'll do for the boys after their injections. Sucker? Ice cream? Toys? A new pony?

We had our first OT session on Thursday and our first PT session on Tuesday. So far so good. Except that my sweet little angel baby cried and fussed and was mad the whole time. Murphy's Law at work. They assessed her muscle tone, did some exercises with her, gave me suggestions of things to do with her like tummy time, encourage the pacifier, etc. The most interesting thing I learned was when the PT said, "she does have low muscle tone, but she's still really strong!" I had always thought of muscle tone and strength as being the same thing. Nope. You can tell Alexis has low muscle tone because of how her arms and legs fall to the sides when she's laying on her back, but you can also tell that she's very strong when she grasps on to things and kicks out her legs. Her strength will help her a lot with dealing with the low muscle tone.

I'm excited that she is finally reaching for things. She's reached for a few things before but I could never tell if it was just coincidental that she was stretching her arm out in the direction of something. But now it's more frequent and even PT would say, "that was an intentional grasp!" Yeah. At least in all her crying and fussing during the PT session, she still impressed them. PT and OT are now scheduled to take place on alternating Thursdays.

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  1. I know it's terrible but I ALWAYS bribe my kids when getting shots. I explain to them before we go that they are getting the shot and it will hurt for just a few seconds like a pinch and if they don't cry I take them out for ice cream (however, I would take them out even if they cry but they don't know that!)