Tuesday, August 4, 2009

School starts next week and I'm still waiting for my summer to start!

I had a nice trip to Elkhart with the kids for the weekend. We fit in one last trip before school starts. It was so nice getting together with my friend Amy who I had not seen since high school and then the next day getting together with my friend Megan who I hadn't seen since my wedding almost 10 years ago. Good ole facebook...it's amazing how many people I've reconnected with. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the boys so I could see my friends! Brent and Elizabeth made an overnight trip to Chicago for Brent to run a half marathon, but we were still able to fit in a couple visits with them and the kids.

The kids and I came home yesterday because we had a lot going on today. Alexis had an appointment today with Dr. B, the pediatric surgeon who performed the duodenal atresia surgery when she was 2 days old. Today was just a follow up and they were very pleased with how great Alexis is doing. As with any abdominal surgery, there is always the risk of scarring which can cause a blockage in the bowel line. The risk never goes away but does decrease with age. So I know the signs to look for: distended stomach, excessive spit up, etc. But we don't need to return to see Dr. B. unless a concern arises. WOO HOO!! Cross one doctor off the list!

While Alexis and I were at the doctor, Jason took the boys to the dentist. According to Jason, the boys were great! Blake had impressions done and Nicholas had x-rays. Don't know why Blake had impressions (men don't ask enough questions!) but they are cavity free. Yeah!

And then this afternoon we had a meeting with First Steps to come up with goals and a plan for Alexis. They asked what goals I had for Alexis. I told them that as a very biased mother I already thought she was perfect and didn't need anything. But I realize that with Down Syndrome she is expected to have low muscle tone, so improved muscle tone would be my goal. The therapist then took over to make goals like "smoothly track objects 180 degrees" and "bring hands up to her midline". Whatever. Just give me a happy, healthy kid. But really, I am excited to have Alexis start working with First Steps. She will receive OT and PT every other week and the therapists ought to call in about 2 weeks to set up our first appointments. She will be reassessed every 6 months.

The boys will go to Kokomo tomorrow night and stay until this weekend. With school starting next week, we have to fit in any overnights now while we can. I can't believe I will have a kindergartener!! I don't look forward to putting my baby on the school bus for the first time. It could get ugly. Wonder if I could hide somewhere on the bus. Or if the driver would let me install a camera. Is 5 years old too young to give Nick a cell phone so he can call me if he needs me?

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