Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Like my Legs?

It's hard to count the number of times I've heard, "boy I wish they'd had those when you kids were little!" Apparently, 36 years ago, diapers, cribs, and formula had not yet been invented. "And we took you home from the hospital sitting in my lap because no one had carseats." I'm just amazed they didn't have to walk home from the hospital, in the snow, uphill, barefoot.

It's amazing what has been invented just since my 4 year old was born.

When Alexis was discharged from the hospital, not only did they send us home with formula, but we were given these single serving packets of formula. I already have the divided container that I can store premeasured amounts to carry in my diaper bag, but it's nice to have these little packets of formula as a convenient emergency supply. I was recently told by someone that these aren't new, but I've never had a baby on Enfamil, so these handy packets were new to me.

The newborn sized diapers that I purchase are the same brand that Nicholas and Blake used. but now there is a stripe that runs the length of the diaper. The faint yellow stripe turns blue when the diaper is wet. GENIUS! So much easier than squeezing the diaper and making a guess. Or pulling open the leg hole to check or sticking in your finger to feel for wetness. Yuck. A simple blue line. I had a coupon for the Huggies equivalent and found it interesting that while their newborn diaper had this same stripe, the size 1 diapers do not. Apparently, when the baby hits 10 pounds and moves up to the size 1, the stripe is no longer needed. At 10 pounds, my baby should be able to inform me of her wetness status. Maybe "genius" is too stong a word...

Have you seen the Bumbo seat? A sturdy, supportive, cushioned seat that a baby can sit upright in before they're able to sit upright on their own. A baby should be able to use it as soon as they can support their own head. BRILLIANT. How nice for a baby to get to watch something other than a ceiling fan! Although I will admit, the ceiling fan has become our best form of baby entertainment.

And finally, and this one wins simply for the cuteness factor, babylegs. Adorable, fashionable, baby legwarmers. Alexis finally today wore hers for the first time. In this hot muggy weather, she is most comfortable in a simple onesie, but when we suddenly get blasted by air conditioning, how easy it is to put on her babylegs. She can be strapped in her car seat and doesn't have to be unbuckled to put them on. Babylegs also make it easier on the knees when babies start to crawl. And all the different colors and patters are SO ADORABLE!! I had some happenin' legwarmers back in the 80's, but I wasn't nearly this cute. Shocking I know, but trust me on this one.


  1. I adore all of these products!! Love that stripe they have now to show when the diaper is wet- we just discovered that when Bennett was in for his AV canal repair and the hospital had these and then I realized we had them all along at home too! I'm obsessed with the baby legs- they did not have these when my girls were babies so now poor Bennett is stuck wearing them-the girl ones are adorable though. Bethany from Bubba Chicky and Nika has an on-line baby boutique and has super cute ones on there- you should check it out!

  2. Kendra, you need to be receiving $ from these companies!

  3. Kendra you should check etsy for all kinds of cutie baby things...hats, leg warmers, all kinds of stuff!

  4. Loved our Bumbo, very sad day when Turner fell out of it onto the kitchen table. Yeah, that was the last day for it.

  5. Oops, sorry about the force five thing, it's me, Julie! Force five is Cassidy's ghost hunting blog if you're interested?