Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lexi put on 7 oz in a week. I put on 7 oz in the last 4 minutes.

I get a bit anxious now every time I take Alexis to the doctor to be weighed. I worry that she'll have some significant weight loss and they doctor will want me to take Alexis to the hospital to find out what's wrong or to put in a tube feeding or something. Today I took Alexis to the doctor (along with my trusty sidekick, Aunt Paula). While we were waiting in the waiting room, I had Paula feed her a bottle (add 3 ounces to her weight) and instructed Alexis to not pee or poop until after she was weighed. Alexis didn't listen (stubborn gal) and had a very wet diaper. But imagine my relief when she weighed in at 7 lbs, 9 oz! That's 7 ounces in 7 days! The doctor says she looks great. I asked what kind of milestones the average 3 month old should be hitting. It's hard for me to remember from when the boys were this age and I was thinking she should have more head control. But Dr. M said she looks for tracking with her eyes (she does this) and smiling (does this too). Alexis sleeps great. On the average she probably sleeps 6 hours straight at night. There have been a couple times when I've woken up to realize she'd been asleep 8 hours and I had to wake her to give her a bottle. This kid is unreal! I wonder if spending that much time in the NICU almost forced her to learn to put herself back to sleep or something. I'm so grateful. 3 kids and they all sleep all night. So why am I up at 1:23 a.m.? Night owl. We go back in 2 weeks. Wow. 2 weeks with no doctors.

Mom still hasn't heard anything from the doctor regarding the status of the tumor and to confirm if she has/had bladder cancer or not. Poor girl. I'm sure she's going nuts with the waiting. I would think it would feel as though your life is just at a stand still while you wait on this kind of news. I hope she can get good news and get on with her life. She has grandbabies to come care for!

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