Monday, July 27, 2009

Nicholas and I went to his new school this morning for Kindergarten testing. It took a whole 5 minutes and after he was done, Mrs. Miller came out to tell me that Nicholas had no problems with either test and she seemed impressed by what he had learned in preschool. Proud Mommy! We still don't know what class he'll be in or if he'll be in mornings or afternoons (no full day Kindergarten at our school). I requested mornings and have Blake signed up for morning preschool. I'd like for them to be on the same schedule so we have more flexibility with Alexis's schedule as she'll start receiving PT and OT pretty soon. Now that the boys don't nap as often, I wouldn't mind afternoons, but then it just seems like it breaks up the day so much that you can't get much else done. We ought to know his schedule by next week.

Thursday Alexis reports back to the cardiologist and I'm hoping they'll go ahead and schedule her surgery (okay, so I'm really hoping they'll say that she doesn't need the surgery, but not letting myself even go there). I HATE having everything up in the air. I like to plan. I like to keep my calendars updated, arrange for childcare with the family, like to KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!

Mom and the kids and I will head to Elkhart on Thursday after seeing the cardiologist and will return home to Noblesville on Monday. Tuesday of next week, Alexis sees the pediatric surgeon (follow up from her duodenal atresia surgery) and we have the big meeting with First Steps to plan what services Alexis will get and how often. With all these appointments and meetings, I'm not sure how we'll fit in school. Nicholas has Kindergarten orientation on Tuesday, August 11 and his first day of school is the 12th. Blake starts Preschool at the beginning of September.

Note to self: next year get the industrial sized, big grid calendar.

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