Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To work or not to work...

I stopped in at work today to have my computer fixed (bit of a panic attack when the computer went black and I knew all of Lexi's pictures were on there. Thank goodness it was easily fixable!) I had Alexis with me and got to show her off to all the girls. Everyone oooooood and ahhhhhhd (is there a spell check for that?) appropriately and she slept through almost the whole thing. I talked to my supervisor about returning to work which I still hope to do. It's the ideal job for a stay-at-home mom: flexible hours, a bit of extra spending money, and a way to get out of the house a day a week and feel like a real adult. I don't know when I would return but it definitely won't be until after Lexi has her heart surgery, is out of the hospital, and totally recuperated. There may be some changes in the job description which I have to consider before going back, and at this point in time, I still can't stand the thought of leaving Alexis for more than a few minutes. That will probably change after she's all healed from her heart surgery. Every mom needs a break from time to time. So going back to work isn't 100% definite, but still likely to happen.

Gotta go back up my computer and put all my pictures on a flash drive.

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  1. I recommend getting an external drive. 250-500 GBs. Holds way more than flash drives and worth having for sure!