Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yesterday was our first home visit from First Steps. One PT and one OT came to our house to ask questions and evaluate Alexis. They were impressed at her strength and abilities. If she didn't have the diagnosis of Downs, she probably wouldn't qualify for services at this time, but because of the diagnosis and the likelihood of low muscle tone, the still may qualify. The decision isn't up to the OT and PT, but to the team, and a meeting will be arranged in the next few weeks to decide if Alexis will qualify for services.

Alexis had an appointment with her pediatrician yesterday afternoon. She finally hit 8 lbs-- 8 lbs exactly. Dr. M was so impressed by her progress, that she doesn't have to go back to the pediatrician for a month. They did another blood draw and her labs were good, including her biliruben which is almost within the normal range.

After the doctor's appointment, Mom, Nicholas, Blake, Alexis and I headed to Elkhart. Dad stayed with the boys today while Mom and Alexis and I made a quick road trip to Battle Creek, MI to see my grandma who had not yet met Alexis.

Thursday morning, Jason will come to Elkhart and we will drive up to Mackinac for a wedding and our first family vacation. I don't look forward to the road trip, but can't wait to be in Mackinac. We'll go to the island one day, attend a wedding on Saturday, and spend some time on the beach. We'll head home on Monday.

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