Wednesday, March 18, 2009


When we went in for our follow up BPP (biophysical profile--I'm starting to sound like a doctor, huh?) the ultrasound tech wasn't ready yet, so the Dr. Harry (my new favorite at Maternal Fetal Medicine) decided to hook me up for another non-stress test. If for some reason this test was finally reactive, I wouldn't have to have the scan (the BPP) (the biophysical profile) (maybe I should add a glossary to this blog). Well, it wasn't reactive as usual. So then it was on to the BPP. They saw the tone, the movement, everything right away except for the breathing movement. But about 15 minutes in, it was there. Hallelujah!! So we scored our 8 and are off the hook for another week. Dr. Harry is calling Dr. Brazus (OBGYN) (maybe I should add a glossary and a list of characters) to recommend just skipping the non-stress tests altogether since they're always non-reactive and since I just have to keep making follow-up appointments for the BPP). My next BPP is scheduled for a week from today. I'll know tomorrow if I still need to see Dr. Brazus on Tuesday or not.

Thanks for all your comments, positive thoughts, and well wishes. There's no question that I'm blessed with the most loving and supportive network of family and friends. And this baby has the biggest cheering section imaginable.

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